Hi,  I want to sincerely thank you for stopping in at my website.

I'm Alison Torres, many of you know me as a 'techie', a Teradata Evangelist and Teradata Certified Master of the Teradata massively parallel Data Warehouse ~ the premier Data Warehouse on the planet~, but alas, that is another topic for another website.

I have always loved to create things with my hands.  Mom taught me to sew, first by hand, then with her sewing machine. I have sewn as long as I can remember.   Often, as I was about to complete a garment, I was disappointed because many times after all the effort I put into the project, I couldn't find the right buttons.

That was a catalyst that moved me to learn how to make my own novelty buttons. The other, was a dear friend who learned about polymer clay and suggested I too ‘play with clay’.  It didn’t take but a minute to discover I had a new love and an outlet for my creativity.

My novelty buttons are unique and interesting and because of the nature of polymer clay, can be of most any color, shape or size.  That allows me to customize buttons for not only me, but also for your sewing and crafting needs.

I’m constantly changing things in my store and you can view a sample of my buttons (click here).  If you see something you want, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to let you know how my buttons can be yours!

Then again, it isn't just about novelty buttons.  If the buttons don't have holes in them, they can be turned into earrings or cufflinks, or pendants, or pins.  I recently made a set of over sized buttons without holes and they are now being used as checkers game pieces.

And it doesn't end with buttons, that's where it all begins.  There are a myriad of items that can be fashioned out of polymer clay.

I'd love to hear from you!  Just leave me a message.

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